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"I had given up on my dream of purchasing a home but after going through the ARA program, I own my own home and glad to haven't wasted a rent payment in 4 years!"

- Brian
San Antonio, TX






"After getting hurt in a work accident, I barely had enough money to eat and pay rent much less pay my bills.  I was thinking bankruptcy was my only answer. It took almost 9 months but now it's almost like nothing happened to my finances, as a matter of fact it's better now!"

- Barbara
Los Angeles, CA

 "I hadn't a owned a car in almost 2 years. I had to take the bus during the freezing winter and unforgiving summer. After just few months on Russell 's ARA credit repair program, not only did I get a new car but I got approved for the top of the line with leather, sunroof, incredible sound system all because my score raised so much my APR was only 1.9%!! Do you know much cheaper that makes a car payment?! Thanks again Russ and the rest of y'all at ARA, especially for the 2 extra hours of sleep I get to take advantage of in the morning!"

- Jesse

San Antonio, TX





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